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Green Coffee Never Looked So Good

Passion Coffee Roasters in Orlando, Florida, teaches how to transform green coffee into delicious roasted coffee beans. We also provide roasting service to people who are close to running out of coffee. Coffee distributors and individuals may benefit from our service, and we're happy to work with all coffee enthusiasts.

Cup Of Coffee

Custom Coffee Roasting

When it comes to a steaming cup of coffee, you deserve a commitment to excellence. Our variety of coffee and roasts are sure to satisfy, whether you want cold or ground. We offer various grounds suitable for French press, drip coffee maker, and espresso. Our meticulously roasted craft coffee is the freshest available. Price is determined by plantation costs, quality, and quantity.


Take a journey into coffee culture to awaken the senses and enjoy all life has to offer. We want to share our experience with you, and it all starts with a cup of really good coffee. Learn about the growing process, particularly how beans are grown and picked, how the coffee cherries, and how green coffee beans become ready for roasting. Learn how to take tasting notes, including terminology and categories. You'll also learn about optimal roasting levels.

Roasting Levels

Each variety of bean has distinctive characteristics that can only be brought out by exposure to the perfect roast. We teach you how coffee beans need to be roasted based on a variety's roast level to yield the best tasting characteristics. A series of the best roast affords each individual bean its distinctive characteristics.

Tasting Notes

Become a connoisseur of coffee by exploring the nuances of each variety. Learn how to take good notes along the way to result in your own custom signature roast. You'll begin with a list of our bean varieties to explain how the best roast level is determined by the taste of the bean. We'll also provide links to other websites for your continued education.