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About Us

Passion Coffee Roasters in Orlando, Florida, has more than 15 years of experience which has influenced our sophisticated palette for great coffee. The secret to a fantastic taste is to freshly roast quality beans. But it took us many years to build our expertise.

How We Got Started

Originally, we drank Maxwell House®. Then one day we visited Green Mountain Coffee®. We'll never forget the aroma permeating the air. They had a huge coffee roaster in the middle the store's floor. Needless to say, the cup of coffee we had that day changed our lives forever. That same day we went home and straight to the internet to see if their roasters were available for purchase. We saw one for $40. We bought the roaster and some beans to give it a try.

Our Learning Process

With trial and error we came up with some good coffee. As we practiced we shared the coffee with friends. Boy were they impressed! Soon we had a devoted clientele. So much so that we needed a larger roaster. Back to the online store we went. Larger roasters are expensive, ranging from $25,000 to $1,000,000. We were fortunate to find an inventor who sold his robust roaster complete with the heat flow, air flow, and cooling controls important to coffee roasting to us for $5000. Now we're able to roast six pounds in 10 minutes.

Our Commitment To You

We want our customers to experience good coffee. To ensure this, we custom roast only the freshest coffee beans. Our premium roasted coffee is available for less than store-bought coffee, and it tastes much better. We deliver within a couple days of roasting for superior taste. Coffee is our passion so we educate people on how to make a good cup of coffee, what good coffee is, and what goes into good coffee, from growing the beans to brewing the beans.

Mission Statement
At Passion Coffee Roasters our mission is simple. We are dedicated to sharing our passion for coffee by providing the most exceptionally crafted, fresh roasted coffee available anywhere at prices that anyone can afford.